Pets + People + Harmony Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to transformation, healing and harmony in pets and humans alike. We hope to make a real difference for pets, people and horses by sharing profound wisdom in our podcast.

Hi. I’m Dr. Edward, the founder of the Whole Energy Body Balance™ Method, known globally as The Healing Vet. My life and soul purpose is to empower people to discover and heal hidden pain, restriction and dysfunction for their pets, their horses, and for themselves.

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Pets + People + Harmony Podcast
Pets + People + Harmony Podcast
Pet Lose and Grief with Erica Messer: The Story of Wolfie's Wish Grieving Cards

About the show

This podcast is dedicated to transformation, healing and harmony… for you, your pets and your horses.

I have invited a variety of guest speakers to share their wisdom and deeper understanding to help us all make a real difference in our own lives and in the lives of the animals we nurture, care for and love.  These guests are experts, innovators and down-right awesome human beings, so strap on in and soak up what they have to share.

Many thanks, Dr Edward.

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Kara Udziela

Kara Udziela has owned Pet’s Eye View since 2012, providing animal communication and a range of energy and bodywork services for both animals and their human companions. With her unique blend of animal telepathy, various energy healing techniques, and extensive practical knowledge of animals, Kara has helped countless individuals and their beloved pets enhance their relationships, overcome health challenges, and resolve issues. 

Dr Judy Morgan

Dr. Judy is one of the leading holistic veterinarians on the planet. In the podcast, Dr. Judy will be empowering you to help your pets live a longer, happier, more vital life. She will share information on how to use natural healing therapies, why avoiding toxins is critically important (flea and tick treatments, I’m looking at you!), and how to feed the healthiest possible diet.

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Pets + People + Harmony Podcast


This is your opportunity to learn from some brilliant people who are passionate about what they do and the people and animals they do it for.

Be empowered… be inspired… be enriched.

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